Seattle Beer Week: What is Seattle Beer Week?

The answer to this question may seem obvious to those who have been involved with this event for several years, but it really is not that clear to the casual observer or would-be participant. Last year was our first year with Seattle Beer Week, and we struggled working out what it all meant and really wished someone had put together a guide or FAQ to help us navigate through the confusion that we encountered.  Our goal with this brief article is to get some questions answered up front for the ever-growing group of people who are curious about participating in this event.

Seattle Beer Week 2015 LogoWhat is Seattle Beer Week? In the simplest of terms, Seattle Beer Week is a celebration of fermentation that takes place each year early in May consisting of a loose confederation of events held at bars, restaurants, breweries and taprooms across the greater Seattle area.  These events include beer and food pairing dinners, opportunities to meet some of the people behind your favorite brews, brewery-based or themed tap takeovers, various specials on pints and growlers, and much more. Continue reading

Whitewall Brewing Company – Marysville, WA

I love when home brewers open a brewery/tasting room, and more importantly, when they have good beer! I admire the dedication it takes to work full-time at other jobs and still have the energy to share your love of beer. One such example of this is Whitewall Brewing.

We stopped by Whitewall Brewing on our way up to LaConner recently. We weren’t expecting much…maybe a stamp in our WABL passport, but we found much more.

Whitewall is a new brewery in Marysville, having opened in March, 2014. The brewers were in a home brewing club, The Stilly Mashers, before opening up their own brewery. The Whitewall name came from putting together their names – Aaron Wight and Sean Wallner.

The outside looks industrial, but inside was very welcoming.

Whitewall Brewing, Marysville, WAWhitewall Brewing, Marysville, WA
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Grey Skies Dark Pale Ale – Two Beers Brewing, Seattle

The first time I tasted Grey Skies was as a mug club exclusive at Two Beers’ tasting room. Unfortunately, my taste buds were out of whack from a persistent late-Summer cold that made anything with a modicum of hops taste extremely metallic and nasty. There was no way for me to give this beer a fair shake at that point. It was a shame, because I had such high hopes for this beautiful, murky brew:

Grey Skies

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Ruinten – Stone Brewing Company

Sometimes we’re in the mood for a good, hoppy, IPA, and Stone Brewing Company always delivers. We picked up the Ruinten at our local bottle shop on a weekend, and tried it out the next day.

According to Stone’s website, the Ruinten is the same recipe as the 2012 Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA, made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famous IPA. It has five pounds of hops in each barrel, and the ABV has been cranked up accordingly. The Stone website boasts “The results are glorious, and we know you’ll rejoice in tasting this audacious gem of hoppy splendor once again.”

Ruinten Stone Brewing

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Beer Camp Collaboration: Maillard’s Odyssey Imperial Dark Ale – Sierra Nevada with Bell’s Brewery

Dark. This beer is dark. It looks dark, and it tastes dark. Mind you, Guinness may look dark, but actually tastes quite light. Maillard’s Odyssey, which is named in part for the chemical reaction that occurs when sugars are heated, is dark across the board.


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Outlander Brewing Company – Fremont (Seattle), WA

Sometimes the best laid plans made with good intentions just don’t pan out. This is not always a bad thing, as instead of being responsible adults following through on the idea of heading to Costco in SoDo, we ended up in Fremont at Outlander Brewing Company. Yeah, slight detour there. Anyway, we were drawn in by a tweet about Biggus Dickus II. Based on name alone we knew we would regret it if we did not get to sample that brew. Bulk groceries and cleaning products be damned…we needed beer!

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Beer Camp Collaboration: Yvan the Great – Sierra Nevada with Russian River Brewing Co.

I have to start my thoughts on this brew with a disclaimer: Belgians and Blondes are two styles of beer that I do not appreciate fully. I have had good Belgians and drinkable Blondes, but I have never encountered an example of either that thrilled me. That said, let’s do this.

Beer Camp Yvan the Great Russian River

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Beer Camp Collaboration: Alt Route – Sierra Nevada with Victory Brewing

Ray and I spent the last few hours helping to pick hops at one of our local breweries (Two Beers Brewing) to use in one of their new brews, so it was kind of cool to me to try the Beer Camp Alt Route Altbier, a collab that Sierra Nevada did with Victory Brewing Company. You see, in researching Victory Brewing, they like to use whole flower hops in their beers, just like we picked tonight.

Alt Route altbier Sierra Nevada collab with Victory Brewing

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Beer Camp Collaboration: Chico King Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada with 3 Floyds Brewing

The second beer we tried from our Beer Camp 12-pack was Chico King Pale Ale. Unlike Firestone Walker, a brewery from which we have tried many beers, 3 Floyds has managed to elude our radar. Of course we have heard of them, but we have not ever tried any of their beverages.

 Chico King 3 Floyds Brewing Beer Camp

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