South Park Breweries Await Bridge Re-Opening on June 30th

The bridge over the Duwamish river that links the South Park neighborhood to East Marginal Way closed due to safety concerns on June 30th, 2010. This was a major disruption to many businesses in the area, but somehow three new breweries (Tin Dog Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, and Burdick Brewing) managed to spring up while the bridge was being rebuilt. The new bridge will be reopening on June 30th, 2014…four years to the day from when it closed. We visited each of these three new breweries recently to do brief reviews of them as well as to get their thoughts on the reopening.

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Breaking News: Growler Fills for Cider Now Legal in Washington State

Janette and I stopped off at The Woods yesterday and quickly noticed something new on their tap list. They have always denoted which brews were available for growler fills with an asterisk, and some of their ciders on the list were now adorned with an asterisk. We pondered with each other on this a bit, as we had heard from many sources that the law was changing in WA to allow for cider growler fills…but no one had reported upon a date for this law to take effect. Well, I am happy to report that the date this law took effect was yesterday, June 12th, 2014!

WOO-HOO! (Excerpted from the WA State Legislature Website at

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