Seattle Beer Week – 9th Day – Midnight Sun at The Noble Fir

On the evening of Day 9 of Seattle Beer Week, we made a last minute decision to trek on up to The Noble Fir in Ballard for the last hour and a half of the Midnight Sun Night event.

Midnight Sun Brewing Company is from Anchorage, and the event had some specialty beers not usually available on tap outside Alaska. We were too late to meet the brewers, but were able to taste all six of the Midnight Sun beers.

Ray’s first words to the server were “There’s nothing under 6.9% ABV, but they must need it to keep warm up there.” The beers were poured in 13 and 6 ounce pours. We shared a small plate of cheese and bread, and commenced with the tasting.

A standout to me was the Arctic Devil Barley Wine. It has a sweet honey taste with a bourbon alcohol finish. This reminds me of a dessert wine that I once tasted at a California winery and bought a case of because I liked it so much.

Arctic Devil Barley Wine Midnight Sun

Arctic Devil Barley Wine

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Seattle Beer Week – 8th Day – Boundary Bay at Dog & Pony Alehouse (Renton)

We decided to take it easy today and are keeping our Seattle Beer Week celebrating local to Renton. This was one of the few SBW events scheduled for Renton this year, so it is awfully convenient that we are fans of both Boundary Bay Brewery and the Dog & Pony Alehouse!


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Seattle Beer Week – 7th Day – Can You Handle My Randall @ The Pine Box

This is one of the events I have been anxiously awaiting for since I first started perusing the Seattle Beer Week website. It was held at The Pine Box, and they had 12 (TWELVE!) Randall units set up. What is a Randall, you ask? Well, a Randall is a cylinder that you put between a keg and a tap and fill it up with flavorful things. When the beer flows through it, the alcohol latches onto said flavorful things and infuses those tastes into the beer. Here is what they look like in action:


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Seattle Beer Week – 6th Day – Barrel-Aged Beer Tasting @ Foggy Noggin

The rush hour traffic out to Bothell from downtown Seattle was unpleasant, and the drive back home to Renton was long, but what happened in the middle there was a bit magical. The kind folks at Foggy Noggin put on a great event. There was room for 20 in the garage converted to a tasting room, and 19 folks managed to make it. The person slated for slot #20 had childcare issues, so they cannot be faulted for not helping fill the place to capacity. Regardless, I was very impressed with the turnout so far from the heart of Seattle.

Foggy Noggin Entrance

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Seattle Beer Week – 3rd Day – Two Beers/Seattle Cider

We’re starting our day at The Woods – Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider’s tasting room.

Two Beers is releasing the latest in their Alta series, the 2014 Ascension Triple IPA (11.9 ABV). I just had a sip, and despite pouring like an unfiltered hefeweizen, it’s still plenty boozy. We got here early, so our pic below has a bit more sediment than usual.


Seattle Cider is introducing their Washington Heirloom 2013 cider, a cider made from heirloom apples. It’s a nice taste of traditional cider taste with a twist. I like.

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Seattle Beer Week – 2nd Day – Nanobrewery Night at Naked City Brewing

After the sour beer tasting at Chuck’s, we walked over to Naked City Brewing for Nanobrewery Night. This was another event that we didn’t want to miss.

This was a featured event on the Seattle
Beer Week
website, so as expected, it was incredibly busy.

We had a nice time chatting with Cincinati from Strong Arm Brewing prior to finding a seat and getting some beer to taste.


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Seattle Beer Week – 2nd Day – Chuck the Puck Up event

On the 2nd day of Seattle Beer Week, we started after work around 5. We headed straight to Chuck’s 85th Street Market for a tasting of sour beers at Chuck the Puck Up event.

Because of my very recent appreciation of sour beers, this was one of the events that I did not want to miss.

We tried a total of 8 beers in two tasting groups (one of them we tried twice because we liked it so much.)
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