Atomic Ale Brewpub & Eatery, Richland, WA

Janette and I took an extended weekend back in August so we could head to Central and Southeastern WA to check out breweries well off of our established beaten path. This is a review of one of those breweries, Atomic Ale Brewpub & Eatery.


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Whitstran Brewing, Prosser, WA

Janette and I recently took an extended weekend so we could head to Central and Southeastern WA to check out some breweries well off of our established beaten path.  This is a review of one of those breweries.

Our first brewery of the weekend, Whitstran Brewing, is nestled in a quiet neighborhood off of the main highway (but still on a main thoroughfare) in Prosser. We got there early in the day, but spent some time at an amazing quilt store beforehand as we waited for them to open at 11:30am.

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Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro

We couldn’t find a WABL booth in our travels during Seattle Beer Week, so we hit their website to see if they would have one set up anywhere nearby so we could claim our rewards for both 20 and 50 brewery stamps. Well, “nearby” is relative. We ended up driving up to their WaBeer Celebration at Boundary Bay Brewing in Bellingham.

Lucky for us, there was indeed a table set up where we could redeem our existing passport and get a new one.

Out with the old passport, in with the new passport!

Out with the old passport, in with the new passport!

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Lowercase Brewing and Burdick Brewing

We made a quick stop in South Park to check in at a couple of breweries.

Lowercase had a pair of really great Shandys – lemon and orange. Very refreshing on one of our recent sunny days.

Jen pouring a lemon shandy.

Jen pouring a lemon shandy.

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Seattle Beer Week 2015: Blue Lightning

We first visited Blue Lightning Brew back in February during Washington Beer Open House. We were impressed with the beers (and their clever names), the knowledgeable staff, and the passion of the brewer that gave us the tour.

I was stoked when I saw that they were participating in Seattle Beer Week. A great reason to check in again. Blue Lightning was offering Happy Hour prices all day, as well as a chance to win prizes (including a Mug Club membership!)

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Whitewall Brewing Company – Marysville, WA

I love when home brewers open a brewery/tasting room, and more importantly, when they have good beer! I admire the dedication it takes to work full-time at other jobs and still have the energy to share your love of beer. One such example of this is Whitewall Brewing.

We stopped by Whitewall Brewing on our way up to LaConner recently. We weren’t expecting much…maybe a stamp in our WABL passport, but we found much more.

Whitewall is a new brewery in Marysville, having opened in March, 2014. The brewers were in a home brewing club, The Stilly Mashers, before opening up their own brewery. The Whitewall name came from putting together their names – Aaron Wight and Sean Wallner.

The outside looks industrial, but inside was very welcoming.

Whitewall Brewing, Marysville, WAWhitewall Brewing, Marysville, WA
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Outlander Brewing Company – Fremont (Seattle), WA

Sometimes the best laid plans made with good intentions just don’t pan out. This is not always a bad thing, as instead of being responsible adults following through on the idea of heading to Costco in SoDo, we ended up in Fremont at Outlander Brewing Company. Yeah, slight detour there. Anyway, we were drawn in by a tweet about Biggus Dickus II. Based on name alone we knew we would regret it if we did not get to sample that brew. Bulk groceries and cleaning products be damned…we needed beer!

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Day Block Brewing Co. – Minneapolis, MN

Half of Two Brew Review is in Minnesota for the week visiting family, but that is no reason to stop writing. Or to stop drinking beer.

My first stop was Day Block Brewing Company. Nestled on Washington Avenue in the shadow of the old Metrodome, Day Block opened its doors in January 2014. I guess this makes them the New Kids on the (Day) Block.


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South Park Breweries Await Bridge Re-Opening on June 30th

The bridge over the Duwamish river that links the South Park neighborhood to East Marginal Way closed due to safety concerns on June 30th, 2010. This was a major disruption to many businesses in the area, but somehow three new breweries (Tin Dog Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, and Burdick Brewing) managed to spring up while the bridge was being rebuilt. The new bridge will be reopening on June 30th, 2014…four years to the day from when it closed. We visited each of these three new breweries recently to do brief reviews of them as well as to get their thoughts on the reopening.

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Seattle Beer Week – 6th Day – Barrel-Aged Beer Tasting @ Foggy Noggin

The rush hour traffic out to Bothell from downtown Seattle was unpleasant, and the drive back home to Renton was long, but what happened in the middle there was a bit magical. The kind folks at Foggy Noggin put on a great event. There was room for 20 in the garage converted to a tasting room, and 19 folks managed to make it. The person slated for slot #20 had childcare issues, so they cannot be faulted for not helping fill the place to capacity. Regardless, I was very impressed with the turnout so far from the heart of Seattle.

Foggy Noggin Entrance

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