Beer Camp Collaboration: Chico King Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada with 3 Floyds Brewing

The second beer we tried from our Beer Camp 12-pack was Chico King Pale Ale. Unlike Firestone Walker, a brewery from which we have tried many beers, 3 Floyds has managed to elude our radar. Of course we have heard of them, but we have not ever tried any of their beverages.

 Chico King 3 Floyds Brewing Beer Camp

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Day Block Brewing Co. – Minneapolis, MN

Half of Two Brew Review is in Minnesota for the week visiting family, but that is no reason to stop writing. Or to stop drinking beer.

My first stop was Day Block Brewing Company. Nestled on Washington Avenue in the shadow of the old Metrodome, Day Block opened its doors in January 2014. I guess this makes them the New Kids on the (Day) Block.


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South Park Breweries Await Bridge Re-Opening on June 30th

The bridge over the Duwamish river that links the South Park neighborhood to East Marginal Way closed due to safety concerns on June 30th, 2010. This was a major disruption to many businesses in the area, but somehow three new breweries (Tin Dog Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, and Burdick Brewing) managed to spring up while the bridge was being rebuilt. The new bridge will be reopening on June 30th, 2014…four years to the day from when it closed. We visited each of these three new breweries recently to do brief reviews of them as well as to get their thoughts on the reopening.

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Breaking News: Growler Fills for Cider Now Legal in Washington State

Janette and I stopped off at The Woods yesterday and quickly noticed something new on their tap list. They have always denoted which brews were available for growler fills with an asterisk, and some of their ciders on the list were now adorned with an asterisk. We pondered with each other on this a bit, as we had heard from many sources that the law was changing in WA to allow for cider growler fills…but no one had reported upon a date for this law to take effect. Well, I am happy to report that the date this law took effect was yesterday, June 12th, 2014!

WOO-HOO! (Excerpted from the WA State Legislature Website at

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Kona Brewing – Big Kahuna Variety Case

Janette and I recently celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a party at our place. My boss offered up his top-secret Kalua Pork recipe for us*, so I knew our main dish was going to end up giving our gathering a bit of a Hawaiian flavor. I wasn’t interested in obtaining tiki torches or grass skirts to make it an official theme, but that Big Kahuna Variety Case from Kona Brewing sure called out to me from among all the pallets of beer vying for my attention at Costco. Janette agreed that it would be a nice complement for the pork, so we grabbed one. Another plus side here is that I knew we would be able to review these beers.

Kona Variety Pack

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Zombie Jesus – Charging Hippo Brewing Co.

I often wonder if brewers agonize over beer names, thinking about what effects they may see from naming a brew one name over another. Well, I hope the fine folks at Charging Hippo Brewing are quite proud of the name of their Imperial Porter. From the moment I saw the name “Zombie Jesus” I was hooked and had to get some. It was on tap at Naked City as part of Nanobrewery Night during Seattle Beer Week #6, but we arrived after that keg had blown. We started following @charginghippo in hopes of getting a line on where to find this beer, and yesterday our quest ended at 99 Bottles in Federal Way.

Zombie Jesus

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Seattle Beer Week – 11th Day (Last Day!)

Have you ever heard of an 11-day week before? Yeah, me neither. However, if it was going to happen to any week I am glad it happened to Beer Week! Janette and I were somewhat gassed from our anniversary party the previous day and from the other nine days of Beer Week events, so we decided to take it easy for the day. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get out and enjoy ourselves, but it does mean we did not seek out any Beer Week events.

Lovely day at Machine House in Georgetown.  Can you believe no filters have been applied to this picture?

Lovely day at Machine House in Georgetown. Can you believe no filters have been applied to this picture?

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Seattle Beer Week – 8th Day – Boundary Bay at Dog & Pony Alehouse (Renton)

We decided to take it easy today and are keeping our Seattle Beer Week celebrating local to Renton. This was one of the few SBW events scheduled for Renton this year, so it is awfully convenient that we are fans of both Boundary Bay Brewery and the Dog & Pony Alehouse!


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Seattle Beer Week – 7th Day – Can You Handle My Randall @ The Pine Box

This is one of the events I have been anxiously awaiting for since I first started perusing the Seattle Beer Week website. It was held at The Pine Box, and they had 12 (TWELVE!) Randall units set up. What is a Randall, you ask? Well, a Randall is a cylinder that you put between a keg and a tap and fill it up with flavorful things. When the beer flows through it, the alcohol latches onto said flavorful things and infuses those tastes into the beer. Here is what they look like in action:


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Seattle Beer Week – 6th Day – Barrel-Aged Beer Tasting @ Foggy Noggin

The rush hour traffic out to Bothell from downtown Seattle was unpleasant, and the drive back home to Renton was long, but what happened in the middle there was a bit magical. The kind folks at Foggy Noggin put on a great event. There was room for 20 in the garage converted to a tasting room, and 19 folks managed to make it. The person slated for slot #20 had childcare issues, so they cannot be faulted for not helping fill the place to capacity. Regardless, I was very impressed with the turnout so far from the heart of Seattle.

Foggy Noggin Entrance

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