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We tried the Wandering Wheat the other day at one of our favorite local pubs, the Whistle Stop Ale House. I wanted something a little lighter, and this pale ale did the trick.

Wandering Wheat is an unfiltered American Pale Wheat ale from Fremont Brewing Company in Seattle, Washington. It’s on the sweet side, with a hint of citrus, and is quite drinkable. 4.5% ABV.

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Seattle rock station KISW has a popular and irreverent radio show that airs weekday afternoons entitled “The Mens Room”.  The all-male group of hosts are consistently able to fill up several hours of airtime every day shooting the breeze about sports, television, women and booze.  You know, Stuff Men Love.  They paired up with Elysian Brewing Company several years ago to make a beer, and the result was The Mens Room Original Red.  I’m not nearly the fan of reds that my wife is (unless, of course, you are referring to women with red hair), but I enjoy this on the rare occasions that I have one.  These two groups paired up again in 2012 for a limited release brew called Mens Room Black Imperial Ale…which I missed.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, based on the remainder of my review), they released a 2013 vintage, which I picked up this week at Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown.  Despite the word “Black” in its name, it is labeled as an Imperial Red.  If I had to guess, I suspect they called it “Black” only to differentiate it from it’s older brother.  At 8% ABV, it definitely differentiates itself.

Let’s get to the review…

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“Remember that one time, when we drove up to that man’s garage, and there was beer?”

“Yeah, that was awesome.”

One of the smallest breweries that we’ve visited is Heathen Brewing in Vancouver, Washington. We were on our trip back from California in January and stopped there based on a recommendation from another brewer we visited.

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Breaking the Golden Seal…

Bruery Bathroom

Welcome to our space on the web! We love trying new beers, visiting breweries, and talking about beer. After doing these things together for years and keeping the fun to ourselves, we thought we should share the fun by starting this blog.

The Two: Ray and Janette.

The Brew: We have a lot of the same tastes in beers, but also have favorite styles that don’t always overlap. (Such as Reds and Sours…)

The Review: The idea is that one of us posts, and the other adds their thoughts.

Two Brew Review. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our thoughts and musings enough to visit again!

Ray and Janette